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Geddes Trout Fishery


Well the weekend had some surprises?? On Saturday Chris Macky had 12 fish mostly on the DB,  the weather went from good to bad to ugly?? all within minutes. Alan had a couple, everyone else was on one and twos! with a couple of blanks. That was till Calum Wall turned up at 2.30 and had eight under the bung using a mini cats whisker.  Roll on Sunday!!! The weather had calmed down, and the fishing started of very well, but then things got very hard, Zak managed 5, everyone else ones and twos. Oh and a blank... nightmare


The first 10 day of February has seen the winter weather come to Geddes, but fish still being caught. A few methods that have been working well so far have been small lures, very deep down. Slow figure of eight retrieve. Mick Fenion has been the most consistent fisher so far, this month. With 4 to 5 trout every session.  Flies: small black lures, dawsons olive, yellow dancer. The bung has not been working to well, but buzzers in pink have been doing the best. 


Well the first month of the new year has seen plenty of fish caught Chris Macky MacIntosh with a PB of 25 in one session, Well Done. Quite a few browns caught, mainly near the edges', Best fly in January has been the "Dogs Bollocks" The bung doing well, but you have to adjust your depth as the fish have been moving up and down the water column. Other flies working well have been pink lures, pink buzzers and silver and white lures. Small black flies have had there day as well.